Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Letters to Geri from family and friends

These letters and short notes were written by family members and friends who attended the memorial services that were held for Geri in Georgia and in Florida.


I'm sure you already know, but I'm gonna tell you are going to be missed by so many people. I know you were loved by everyone you knew. In the short time I knew you, I grew to love you as if you were my own mother. As I told Cyndie the other day, you and Mom finally got to meet each other. Mom always wanted to meet you and Cyndie so bad. Well, I know you're busy getting settled into your nice new home, but could you do me a juge favor? Go by and give my mom a big hug for me. Tell her I miss her and love her. And tell her I'll see her soon.

Well, until I see you again, know that I love you and I'm looking forward to a big reunion so we can all get together once again.


(Victoria's mother passed away three weeks before Geri)


With the life you have been given you brought happiness to everyone you came in contact with. You taught Cyndie well. She is a warm and sincere woman. I was so happy that I got to meet you. I will miss you, Victoria will miss you, and your family and friends will miss you.

Before I go, do me three things. If you run into Debbie & Janette let them show you around. Watch over us. Say "hi" to God & Jesus and pray for us. Thank you for all you did.

Jeffrey Paul Wilmes


As I thought about your life, I am reminded of the many lives that you've imparted your life into. Your life and memory live on in all the children you've helped raise. You were an inspiration to me. You were a single mom working full time and helping your younger brother and sister raise their children. Your spirit was "g"entle. You were an "e"xample to many. You were always "r"eliable. You were "i"nspiring. Life is like a plant it in others and it continues to grow.

My favorite story you used to tell is when Randy would sit by you and rub your leg and say, "I wike you!"

We all loved you very much and will miss you greatly. I know you're enjoying Heaven walking hand-in-hand with Jesus. Thank you for blessing my family.

Love always,